The Kern County Rugby Club has been around since 1970. Our club has over 48 years of rich tradition in Southern California Rugby. We've established ourselves as a tough and aggressive club over the years. We want the community that we represent to learn that we are more than field warriors. We are involved with local high school programs, community outreach, and much more. We will continue this tradition for the 2018 season in Division III.


Kern County RFC is a multicultural club with a common goal of building the community of Kern through Rugby, making a difference on and off the field. We train to in all facets of life and work to develop the strong values that will best equip us for a successful future


Our vision is to build a close nit team on and off the field through leadership and structure. A team that will be there for each other in any situation. A team with a positive attitude and constructive behavior.



There has to be some sort of commitment level from everyone, starting with coaches. Each team member has to have some level of commitment, the key is to figure out what that is and be doing it through dues/practice/games/events/coaching/admin. As a club member we need to be ALL IN.

Respect your team, your coaches, your refs, your opponents, your community, and the game of rugby. We are all from different backgrounds, have different issues, and have different personalities. Respect that.

BE HUMBLE: Be humble at all times, in every situation.

Have discipline at all times. Stay within the rules of the game, drills and exercises.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: We want to develop mental toughness – Be Patient, Remain Calm, never quit.

GROWTH: Have an openness to learn and a desire to develop your skills on and off the field. Every drill, exercise, game, session, etc. No matter what it is, you can learn something. We need to grow from a good foundation. Basic rugby skills performed excellently needs to be our foundation.

BROTHERHOOD: No clicks/division. We will do a lot of team building events and exercises. We want to be unified on and off the field. Be a family. KERN FAMILY!      

EXELLENCE: Perform every task/activity on or off the field to the very best of your capability regardless of your skill/fitness level.